Slamdance Film Festival Review: Honey Buddies

Slamdance Film Festival Review: Honey Buddies

Honey Buddies delivers us a fun and witty comedy, with heartfelt moments and glimpses of weirdness as the filling.

In Honey BuddiesDavid Giuntoli and Flula Borg bring us a charming film about David(played by David Giuntoli of course): A man who’s fiancée leaves him before their wedding, resulting in a spiral of depressed and a vacancy in the Honey moon plan. In comes best friend and would-have-been Best Man Flula(not surprisingly played by Flula Borg), a charismatic and enthusiastic German man determined to pull his friend back from the depths of depression hell and complete the honey moon trip together. The storyline in this film actually has a bit of depth, which was truly enjoyable as most goofy comedies such as this are fairly thin in that department. Honey Buddies, however, does not disappoint, as David is not only going through everyone’s worst fear of losing the one they love the most, but he’s also an actor clinging to the hope of landing his first huge role.

These two awkwardly mismatched friends hike through the forrest, which I might add is the perfect setting for a redemption or soul searching film, encountering a few cooky and wacky people in between. The fun of the film comes in the moments where it is just the two Honey Buddies, since these guys are good friends in real life, you can really feel the pure chemistry they have together.  While we watch them on this journey to complete this hike — almost definitely symbolic to finding yourself — we feel like we are watching two friends enjoy themselves, not a motion picture. Scene after scene is packed with subtle moments of comedy that make you chuckle to yourself, almost like a cookie with just the right amount of chocolate chips. That is to say, there are no huge laughs in this film, but enough enjoyable moments that you feel you got some flavor in every bite.

The screenplay is intelligently writing by Borg and Giuntoli themselves, although I’m very sure a great portion of this was ad-libbed, which ads to the character and uniqueness of this comedy.  The Honey Buddies did the overwhelming majority of the work in this feature, with only 5 credited actors in the entire film. I’ve got no complaints on the cinematography, as it is beautifully shot with the help of a great choice in location to shoot the film.

When thinking how to wrap up my opinion on Honey Buddies, the word I keep coming back to is fun. The film is simply a fun, fun, fun movie to watch. There’s no forced comedy and it strikes a good balance between charm and laughter. This is not the type of narrative that many of the pretentious film critics are going to love, as it may not have the elegance they are looking for, but they would be just plain wrong to say this film is not purely enjoyable. Honey Buddies is a chance to watch two best friends make a project that they can be proud of, and I’m proud to have seen it.

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