Short Film of the Week: Wander

Short Film of the Week: Wander

Wander pulls you in with its magnificent beauty, and takes you through an emotional and stunning experience like no other short film I’ve seen.

This short narrative throws us into a post-apocalyptic world. One in which a man named Noah(Alex Lincoln)  is forced to repeat a patter daily, to remain safe. We’re told humans are hunted, and it has been three months since he’s seen another person. Day after day he explores for food, water, and anything he can use to survive. Noah lives a terrifying life as it is, however to make matters worse he is haunted by the memory of a woman he once loved. Wander is shot in such a way that you’re watching Noah live through his own mind. He narrates the story through a letter he is writing to Jess(Amanda Fairbank-Hynes), the aforementioned love of his life. As he goes on with his letter, the narrative shows us his emotion put into action. Every moment of his life is spent living in regret and fear.

What really sets Wander apart from other films, short or not, is it’s intelligent and delicate writing.  Writers Alex Lincoln, and Connor O’Hara are able to manufacture such depth in so little time. The screenplay doesn’t even touch on what could have happened to people, what caused the world to be in such a state. We don’t have a chance to examine what happened to Jess, no confirmation as to what happened to her until the end of the film. This is both frustrating and magnificent, as the way this film makes you feel is not explainable. You know nothing about them as individuals, their history together, who they are or what they’ve done, yet you feel the pain he feels; you feel the love they shared. The acting, while not necessarily challenging, is well executed, and the cinematography, my god that is wonderful. The scene locations are well though out, and the film making style is nothing short of gorgeous.

Wander is definitely a risky film, and there are undoubtably viewers who are not going to understand, appreciate, or even enjoy it. The style of film making is not for everyone. However, if you do not have to have all the information of a story provided to you, if you can appreciate a film for what it is and the shots they show you, then absolutely take the time to catch this short film. This short film is a beautiful piece of film making, and I hope everyone has an opportunity to experience it.

Wander has screened at many festivals, including:

  • Winchester Film Festival (UK)
  • Rye International Film Festival (UK)
  • Post Mortem (Mexico)
  • Indie-Lincs (UK)
  • 13th Frames Film Festival (India)
  • Vagrant Film Festival (Belarus)
  • Short Stop International Film Fest (USA)
  • Toronto Film Week (Canada)
  • Venice Film Week (Italy)
  • Blackbird Film Fest (USA)
  • Wasteland (USA)
  • London Shows (UK)
  • Independent Days (Germany)
  • Golden Sun (Malta)
  • Dragon Dreamin (Australia)

You can keep up with Wander’s future screenings or get in contact with them by visiting their Facebook or Twitter!



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