Short Film of the Week: Scarecrow

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Short Film of the Week: Scarecrow

Scarecrow is a dynamic narrative about a messy marriage, a loving father, and includes a fortuitous conclusion.

This short narrative begins with Randall(Darren Pettie), a caring and involved father, walking with his son Toby(Alexander Guder), and talking about his day at school. For Toby, today was a very influential day, where his school exposes the students to the infamous video about sex. For any father, this is a pivotal moment in their child’s life, and Scarecrow depicts it as such. Randall is supportive while humorous, doing everything he can to ensure his son feels comfortable talking to him about this. Throughout all this Toby subtly mentions how the father’s neighbor scared him the other day, and looked like a scarecrow, something that becomes extremely important to the conclusion of this narrative. The way this is done, we instantly know Randall is a good father. Their time together comes to an end any Randall must take Toby back to Evelyn’s, his mother, house.

Scarecrow’s screenplay, written by Phillip William Brock, then introduces us to the less touching relationship, that being Randall and Evelyn’s. Like any broken marriage, they have differences of opinions as to what is best for Toby, and the short eludes to the fact that they take up these differences in from of the child. They are not violent or combative, just in disagreement, and we can surmise from the characters that they are loving, kind people, just going through a difficult time.  The ability of the screenplay to express as much as it does in such a short amount of time is undoubtedly a huge accomplishment, both for Brock and director Phillip Rhys.

After that rough conversation between Randall and Evelyn, Randall proceeds home and we finally see the true depression he is currently experiencing. The short comes to an intriguing finale that I will not spoiler, but it will leave you, the viewer, with some hope into the future of Randall, a man that in only a few minutes you’ve grown to care for, and root for.   All in all this short film is well executed, and an enjoyable watch. This film is not that type that will leave a lasting, impactful impression, but you’ll walk away satisfied with the storyline and impressed with the narrative’ s execution.

Scarecrow recently screened at Tribeca Film Festival, and will certainly have upcoming screenings. Find our when and where these screenings will happen by liking them on Facebook:

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