Short Film of the Week: Natural Insemination

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Short Film of the Week: Natural Insemination

Natural Insemination is a ferociously enjoyable comedy which adopts raunch and ingenuity to have it’s audience cringing and laughing with equal vigor.

This short film follows Heather(Jennifer Flack) and David(Eric Price), a happily married couple doing everything they can, in as many positions as they can, to conceive a child. When David finds out, much to Heather’s despair, that he is sterile, things get mad. After much discussion and obvious disgust on David’s part, the couple agrees their tool of a neighbor is the perfect tool to play the role of sperm donor. This narcissistic ding-bat, named Johan, is played hilariously by Jamie Carmichael. As they try to artificially inseminate Heather, David is forced to carry the load – quite literally – and handle Johan’s spunk. That’s right, out of all the words synonymous with sperm, I’ve chosen to use “spunk”. This was a well thought out decision, as I feel the word truly captures the character of Natural Insemination as a frolicsome film. If this review sounds ribald, that’s because it needs to be to do the film justice.

David carries this “spunk” from the bathroom, all the way up the stairs, into the bedroom, and then into Heather, using a syringe that will make your body ache just looking at it.  To no one’s shock, this DIY method has no success, so as the film’s title may suggest, it is time to try natural insemination. As you can imagine, this leaves David in utter torment, unable to fathom the thought of Johan doing the dirty with his wife. The rest of the story line is too pleasureful and creative to spoil with a review, so you’ll have to be sure to catch the film to see it for yourself.

Natural Insemination is a wildly entertaining short film, and no, it isn’t for families, but the willingness of Director/Writer combo Crosby Selander to push the boundaries with the short encapsulates great film. Selander was able to find a balance between filth and fun, and that can rarely be seen in all of film making.

Be sure to catch Natural Insemination at their upcoming festival screenings:

Silver Springs International Film Festival: April 6th, 2016
Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico: April 14th, 2016

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  • Linda Pietrzak

    Hi. Is there any way I could purchase a dvd of the short film, ” Artificial Insemination” ? My Son and Daughter in law appear in it. Please let me know. Thanks, Linda Pietrzak. My mistake…Natural Insemination

    • mm
      Off To The Films

      Hi Linda,

      I will be sure to give the film maker your contact email, that is the best I can do. Thanks for taking the time to read the review!


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