Short Film of the Week: Move Me

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Short Film of the Week: Move Me

Move Me uses spectacular film making, along with quality acting to acquaint us to an interesting concept with loads of substance.

This short narrative begins with Steve(Danny Jacobs) and Taryn(Catherine Parker) walking in a state park, having a mundane conversation, which seems to be the theme of their relationship. The stumble across Joshua(Aidan Bristow), who is seemingly frozen in time. Joshua has had a curse put on him, preventing him from moving without the aid of human touch. This idea carries the film, as it proves to be a truly intriguing watch to see how it all plays out. While Taryn was fascinated with him, most people were understandably spectacle. 

Move Me builds on this idea more and more through it’s twenty-two minute run time, divulging that Joshua had this curse placed upon him due to his selfish ways. At the same time we’re learning this, the film shows us snippets of Taryn’s destructive ways, including belittling her friend when she finds happiness. I also believe that same “friend” was also a lover of hers, but the film doesn’t provide enough information on that relationship to definitively tell. The film wraps up with a very fitting ending, one in which will leave you feeling both joy and justice.

Director and writer Gabe Crate accomplishes a lot with Move Me, providing a thoughtful and creative narrative, executed perfectly with the cast and crew selected, actors and technical guys deserving equal credit. My favorite thing about this amusing narrative may just be it’s flexibility, as you could easily adapt this concept into a feature length film, throwing in some more comedy in there and going deeper into Taryn’s sub-plots. I hope to see Crate go after that, as he’s proved a talented writer and director.

Move Me has screened at Omaha Film Festival, where it was awarded Honorable Mention for Juried Prize Best Short Film, a huge accomplishment for it’s world premier. The short narrative has upcoming screenings at:

  • Dances with Films
  • Hoboken International Film Festival
  • Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival
  • Filmquest

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  • Butch

    Gabe grew up friends with my son in central Maine. He was remarkable then and even more so now. Good going Gabe!

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