Short Film of the Week: Future Boyfriend

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Short Film of the Week: Future Boyfriend

Equally charming as it is creepy, Future Boyfriend is an adorable comedy, romantic in it’s only ridiculous way.

This Short narrative Stuart(Ron Morehouse), a seemingly innocent man out on an awkward date with Kaylie(Emily Bell). Something is definitely off, you can tell from the get-go. Stuart is talking louder than he should, and treating Kaylie as if she is this delicate, fragile flower, in a way which goes far past chivalry. Noticing Stuart’s nervousness, Kaylie makes it a point to assure him that she’s having a wonderful time. Feeling more comfortable, he decides this is when he should drop the bomb that not only is he from the future, but he is Kaylie’s nurse at her nursing home, and is madly in love with her. You instantly get the disturbed image of a twenty-something year old man fancying a 98 year old woman, but love is love.  As Stuart tries to explain more and more to Kaylie, it keeps getting weirder, hitting a peak of nastiness when he admits to seeing the 98 year old Kaylie naked every morning. To clarify, a nurse seeing an old woman naked is not gross, as the human body is a natural, beautiful thing. However, in the context of this film, you have a young man, deeply in love with an old woman, telling the past version of said old woman all these unflattering things about her future self, attempting to portray them in a most flattering way.

As you can imagine, Kaylie is frightened at this picture. Not only had her life not turned out the way she imagined, but now she’s got an obsessive stranger describing this perceived horrible life, as if she should be proud. As Future Boyfriend develops, you’ll see Kaylie torn between he feelings of shock and disgust towards Stuart, and the possibility of embracing this knowledge to prevent the future she dreads becoming a reality.

The clever writing of this screenplay by A. Vincent Ularich manages to involve an immense amount of this depth in a mere 10 minutes. A film with a narrative such as this has to be executed perfectly, and executed perfectly it was. There are some key lines that really have substance, such as a moment in the beggining where Stuart tells Kaylie that he’s putting her purse on the back of her chair; a line in which is referenced towards the end of the short where he’s watching a clip of future Kaylie asking where her purse is, while present Kaylie simultaneously asks the same question. I found this to be really clever and well thought out. The performances by Bell and Morehouse we extremely convincing, with Morehouse coming across as a desperate creep and Bell playing the shocked and surprised role with skill. These two have a certain chemistry, and that certainly came across in the finished product nicely. This is the type of storyline that is both made for short films, but also difficult to sell in a small amount of time. Directory Ben Rock was able to quickly develop these characters, almost as if we knew who there were within the first minute, which really allowed for the plot to flow nicely. The one aspect that I felt was unnecessary, and more so didn’t add to the film, was French Stewart’s character, billed as Friend. It’s not that Stewart doesn’t perform the role well, I just didn’t get it. I didn’t find the character essentials or funny, I found it mostly as a distraction.

Future Boyfriend will be an audaciously hilarious watch for you, and also make your skin crawl a bit. You’ll find yourself asking your friends if they could every fall madly in love with a 98 year old, or how they would feel if someone from the future fell in love with them. I also think this short film makes you think about how strong love really is. Is it truly that despicable that he is in love with this 98 year old nursing home patient? I don’t think is it, which makes me love this short film even more.

Future Boyfriend screened at Tribeca Film Festival on April 16th and 18th, and has two more screenings coming up, one on April 22nd and another on April 23rd. Find more information about those screenings here.

This short film will also premier at future festivals, but those cannot yet be announced. To find out where you can see this film, follow their facebook and twitter.

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