Short Film of the Week: Fulfilament

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Short Film of the Week: Fulfilament

In a mere 7 minutes, Fulfilament astonishes the viewer with it’s deep storytelling and charming animation.

This short narrative follows an equally curious and adorable light bulb on a journey for finding his purpose. After first coming to light(yes, I said that), the bulb is noticeably different from the others. While the other bulbs are very robotic and compliant to their specific roles, Fulfilament gives you the impression that this bulb strives for more. These light bulbs represent thoughts in a human mind, and the main bulb wants to make a massive impact in it’s world, a goal in which it will definitely achieve.

I watched Fulfilament 3 or 4 times prior to writing this review. Each time it was a more and more enjoyable 7 minutes of my life, due in large part to the creative screenplay by writers Joseph Murtagh and Rhiannon Evans, who also directs the short film. This short has an interesting take on the human brain and how it works, and the main character is so damn cute that even if you don’t understand the story it’s worth the watch. The stop motion animation this film composes of is really what brings this over the top. Any other animation would not have been nearly as impactful on the story line, or visually pleasing to the eyes.

Fulfilament is unique in that there are no actors, no lines, no voice overs, yet you are still able to form a special connection with the characters. You’ll feel anguish, concern, and joy for the lead bulb, and ultimately love.

Fulfilament has appeared in many festivals, winning awards throughout, most notably the Student Short Film Award at Hamptons International Film Festival and Best Animated Short Film at Omaha Film Festival.

You can watch this short film at it’s upcoming screenings:

• Athens International Film & Video Festival USA (April 2016)
• Nashville Film Festival USA (April 2016)
• RiverRun International Film Festival USA (April 2016)
• Sehsuechute International Student Film Festival GERMANY (April 2016)
• Cardiff Independent Film Festival UK (April 2016)
• TAAFI CANADA (April 2016)
• Screentest Student Film Festival UK (April 2016)

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Official Trailer:

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