Short Film of the Week: Blue Borsalino

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Short Film of the Week: Blue Borsalino

Blue Borsalino utilizes world class suspense along with an intelligent screenplay to evoke powerful emotion rarely seen in a short film.

The short film opens to a, what may be, a perfectly executed single minute of film. In one minute, we’re captivated by the masterful filmmaking, scored perfectly, and we’re introduced to the main characters, both their past and present, without us even knowing it. Director and writer, Mark Lobatto impeccably fills us in on the necessary backstory, and seamlessly progresses us to current time. I was truly impressed with this first minute of this film, and it set the standard that was continuously lived up to for the 16 minutes to come.  

Blue Borsalino then brings us to Jean Delaware (Margot Leicester), awakened from her coma–which she had become kind of a hospital celebrity for, as her coma had lasted 48 years up to that point. She asks to speak to Ernie Child (David Warner), who we learn had been working with her as a private investigator; his first and last case. You see, Jean believed she was being followed, and enlisted Ernie as her private investigator to help her get to the bottom of it. Ernie worked diligently, but ultimately failed her, and failed himself. During his investigation, Jean suffered the injury that induced her coma, and another tragedy took place, which I’ll leave you to experience on your own. This left Ernie a broken man, and provoked him to write a letter to Jean, leaving his fate in her hands. He had no way of knowing it would take 48 years for that letter to be read, and for Jean to finally give her judgement to him. The conclusion of this film brings solace to both Ernie, and the viewer, as well as a sense of precariousness throughout this period of his life, which swallowed a good majority of his life.

I want to point out how thoroughly impressive it is to be able to accomplish this much quality in so little run time. Few films, short or feature length, have captivated me as much as this beautiful piece of filmmaking. The acting is authentic, the cinematography is world class, the score is phenomenal (as stated earlier), and the writing is simply brilliant. I would love for Lobatto to adapt Blue Borsalino into a feature length film, as I can only imagine how creative his writing could lend itself to be. To clarify, this film doesn’t need to be adapted to a feature length film to be appreciated. It stands for quality just as it is and embodies masterful filmmaking, but it does so in a way that leaves you wanting more. Take some time to watch this short, whenever and where ever you can, and you’ll also find yourself wanting more of Lobatto’s writing.

Blue Borsalino has appeared in many festivals, some of which include:

  • Seattle International Film Festival – 2016
  • The Newport Beach Film Festival – 2016
  • Big Island Film Festival – 2016
  • Worldfest Houston – 2016
  • Omaha Film Festival – 2016
  • Victoria TX Independent Film Festival – 2016
  • Crossroads Film Festival – 2016
  • Taos Shortz Film Festival – 2016
  • Porto7 – Festival Internacional de Curtas-metragens do Porto – 2016
  • AVTAR Film Festival -2016
  • North Carolina Film Awards – 2015
  • PROMOFEST’s ‘Short of the Year’ Contest – 2015
  • Reel Music Awards – 2015

In addition to that, they’ve been awarded the following awards:

  • Winner – Best Short – Victoria TX Independent Film Festival (2016)
  • Winner – Founders Award for Best Drama Short Film – North Carolina Film Awards (2015)
  • Winner – Platinum REMI Award for Original Fiction Film – Worldfest Houston (2016)
  • Winner – Certificate of Excellence Award – Rincon International Film Festival (2016)
  • Winner – Jury Award – AVTAR Film Festival (2016)
  • Special Jury Mention – ‘Short of the Year’ contest – Promofest (2015)
  • Nominated – Crossroads Award – Victoria TX Independent Film Festival (2016)
  • Nominated – Best Short Film Score – Reel Music Awards (2015)
  • ‘Trailer of the Week’ – AWARDEO

Blue Borsalino has a screening coming up at Woods Hole Film Festival, which runs from July 30th to August 6th, 2016. You can keep up with all of their followings by going to their Twitter or Facebook Pages.

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