Sedona International Film Festival Review: Look Again

Sedona International Film Festival Review: Look Again

Look Again is a witty, clever comedy with a life lesson built in.

Daniel O’Connor’s film, Look Again, presents a lively depiction of a man searching for a sure thing, but receiving anything but that.  This film follows Amit, played by Anand Rajaram, a man down in the dumps after being cheated on, scammed by a business partner, and discovering his father isn’t the man he once believed him to be. Whilst he contemplates suicide on an empty, unused railroad track, something fun in the film’s context but also disturbing to those actually suffering from depression, he’s approached by two dim-witted guardian angels. These angels are looking to help Amit turn his life around, while also getting off guardian angel probation from previous failures. With the help of special glasses, provided by said angels, that allow him to see whether an individual is good or bad, he find love, a good job, a lot of fun, but ultimately the same heartbreak and despair that he had experienced before. 

Look Again explores a very excitable subject, whether people are absolutely good or definitely bad. As many logical people can surmise, people as a whole are both good and bad, and everyone does good and bad things. The idea that you can only be one or another, is cleverly exposed by O’Connor in this narrative. This feature includes some interesting story lines, and a colorful and pleasant depiction of guardian angels, however I feel it is missing some substance that would bring the film to another level. The writing is phenomenal, I think what this film lacks is excellent acting, with the exception of the lovely performance of Brittany Allen as Tanya, many of the characters have a commercial quality to them, although they do a sufficient job that doesn’t take away from the plot, but also doesn’t heighten it. 

All in all, Look Again is a very fun feature to watch, and will actually have you invested in Amit’s life, which few films are able to accomplish. If you’re looking for a film to have a few laughs and that has a clean, precise plot line from start to finish, this narrative is as good as it comes. Don’t expect to be wowed, but expect to be entertained. 

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