Review: Lazer Team

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Review: Lazer Team

There’s no I in team, but there is a lazer.

Because aliens and lazers and stupid guys are all awesome. It’s the trifecta of funny, campy movies, and they come together well in this flick. Director Matt Hulum knows how to keep the laughs coming and puts together a super humorous romp in “Lazer Team.”

The movie has a rough start with a message from outer space and a group of government employees trying to figure out how they will be able to save mankind from a coming threat. There’s a question at that point as to whether it’s going to be good bad or bad bad. It turns out to be good bad, so don’t let the introductory scene fool you. Once you move past the Earth’s champion, pitifully named Adam and played by Alan Ritchson, trying to show off, the acting seems less stilted, the movie starts moving forward, and it becomes clear that the movie can – and will – hold its own. Starting with the old woman in the motorized wheelchair with a “Honk if you love Jesus” bumper sticker who flips off Hagan, played by Burnie Burns, you know it’s going to be good.

“Lazer Team” doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the laughs. Throwing together two ex-jocks, a current 6th year senior football player, and a hick, the movie lets the four losers find a spacesuit meant, of course, for the Earth’s champion, and foolishly get stuck in it. Each one has their own “super power, and they have to learn how to work together to win the battle against the aliens and save the planet.

It hits its mark. Herman, Colton Dunn, is still bitter about losing his chance at fame and blames Hagan for ruining his life. He hangs out with a total loser, Woody, played by Gavin Free, who serves as even more comic relief. Zach (Michael Jones), the super senior stud who plays football and is super obnoxious about it, is dating Hagan’s daughter Mindy (Alexandria DeBerry). Putting them together is comic gold.

Now for the bad: while “Lazer Team” had me laughing, it was, unfortunately, a total sausage fest. I’d like to think that a woman would be involved in saving (or destroying) the world in more than a sexual way. There’s only one named female character, and while she can’t be replaced by a lamp, it wouldn’t be hard to completely write her out with a few simple pen strokes. The other bad is that there’s nothing surprising in the movie. Now, that’s not a full negative. Just because I wasn’t surprised by what happened doesn’t make it bad, but it does take away some of the suspense. Luckily, the jokes and little flourishes of references to other movies – be careful and look for the Ghostbusters easter egg – help to balance any problems that the movie has.

As a plus, Lazer Team stars a few Texas natives, including Alexandria DeBerry (Houston), Burnie Burns (Houston), and Joel Heyman (Austin) , which makes it great for all the hometown peeps here in Texas who like to support the home team. Overall, it’s a fun show, and well worth the time you’ll put into it. It’s one of those movies that you’ll watch again and again just for the jokes.
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