Omaha Film Festival Review: Stereotypically You

Omaha Film Festival Review: Stereotypically You

Stereotypically You is a charming, likable film with just enough depth to keep you caring about the outcome of the film.

On the surface, this feature has all the standard ingredients of a typical soul-searching comedy: The lovable guy who just had his heart broken, the friends giving him different variations of terrible advice, and the realization that he hates his job, which he leaves without much of a plan at all. We’ve seen this concoction before, but Stereotypically You doesn’t fit the stereotype, it has pure charm and substance that many features like this are missing. In this film, we actually care about the outcome of the lead, and are not indifferent to his success or failure.

The narrative follows Charlie, who seems to ruin each and every relationship he’s been in, hilariously his therapist even breaks it off with him. Although he is ignorant to the fact, many would describe him as self-destructive. After a rough ending with his perceived perfect match, Angela, he’s forced to re-evaluate his love life, job, and self as a whole. With much support from his friends, not all of it healthy, he’s able to overcome his sadness and despair, and find himself, giving him the best chance to find love. Stereotypically You has an interesting editing style, breaking up segments of the film into chapters, all of which are crucial to Charlie’s growth as an individual. This feature really makes it’s mark in the last 10 minutes, providing a fun and impactful ending that really brings to whole film to a pleasurable conclusion.

In general, Stereotypically You is not the type of film I would find myself writing a positive review about. I find most films of this kind rely on a basic love story and cheap laughs, but Director/Writer Benjamin Cox grants us a nice, clean, balanced screenplay, packed with clever laughs and substantial charisma. This narrative also packs a huge punch with star talent, something normally foreign to film festivals, with a cast including: Aaron Tveit as Charlie , Kal Penn as Brice, Jason Ralph as Brad, Lauren Miller as Kathy, Lewis Black as Charlie’s Therapist, and Father-Daughter-Combo Abby and Chris Elliot, playing Angela and Angela’s Dad, Respectively. Tie in that interesting editing style I mentioned earlier, and you have an amusing and delightful feature length film.

Don’t miss your opportunity to catch Stereotypically You at the Omaha Film Fesitval this year. You can catch it’s screening on March 9th, at 8:30 pm. Also check out the many other great films the festival has at

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