Omaha Film Festival Review: Good Ol’ Boy

Omaha Film Festival Review: Good Ol’ Boy

Good Ol’ Boy‘s adorable storyline and lovable characters makes it a movie that will pluck at your heartstrings.

Within the first few moments of the film, I mistakably marked it as “cliche”.  I looped the imaginary beginning, middle and end, as if I had seen this movie in another form.  As I said, this was a mistake. I felt a jolting a sense of happiness when I began to immerse myself in the film.  The writing, as original and witty as ever had me feeling as if my heart grew into a soft, pink fluff of confectionary candy.

Good Ol’ Boy takes you on a journey through an unlikely protagonists’s  childhood.  His name is Smith, played by Roni Akurati.  Smith, is an endearing Indian pre-pubescent boy, who is simply trying to fit in to American society.  Throughout the film, you find the boy finding himself in humorously sweet adventures while on his way to fulfilling his “American Dream”.  Within his life, is an amalgamation of characters.  Some eccentric, others captivating.  Take for example, Smith’s father Bhaaskar(Anjul Nigam) an eccentric personality which is proven by the fact that he named his son Smith, in hopes of the boy having a classic American name.  Then you have Butch(Jason Lee) and Amy(Brighten Sharbino), father and daughter, Smith’s hero and Smith’s first true love.  Butch, an All-American man who lived a passionate life, which was enthralling to young Smith.  Amy, a precocious and charming young lady who innocently detained the heart of Smith.  As a whole, these personalities were a crucial part of Smith’s self-discovery.

This writing style of Good Ol’ Boy touched me in an incredibly unique way by evoking feelings happiness, hilarity, and despair. Gregory Scott Houghton, Anjul Nigam, and Paul Quinn, come together to birth a screenplay which is composed of characters that will leave you hauntingly enamored.  The casting on this film was beyond impeccable, as they were able to find actors who embodied the characters within the script.  While the cast was able to portray the written characters fantastically throughout the film, however the screenplay was beautifully written to where if the acting was deadpan, the audience would not notice.  There was an ebb and flow between the cinematography, editing, and scenery.

If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill film that you can mindlessly scroll through your Twitter feed while watching, Good Ol’ Boy is not for you.  This film was articulated with thought and care, from the writing to the scenery; every second mattered.  This feature deserves every ounce of your attention.  You will leave feeling as if you, the viewer, had went through your own journey of self-discovery.  Immerse yourself into the life of Smith.  You will begin to notice that your heart, too, will grow into a soft, pink fluff of confectionery candy.

You can catch Good Ol’ Boy at Omaha Film Festival, March 10th, at 5:45 pm. Check out their full schedule at

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