Omaha Film Festival 2016 Review: Hunky Dory

Omaha Film Festival 2016 Review: Hunky Dory

Provocatively inspirational and tremendously touching, Hunky Dory will tinker with your brain and change the way you view life, and people alike. 

With this feature, we dive deep into the life of Sidney, played by Tomas Pais, a wannabe rockstar who’s craving for attention and glamour has led to being a drag queen, which he finds invigorating. On top of this, his lifestyle is less than ideal, borrowing from friends and burning bridges just go get by from day to day. When his ex unexpectedly drops their 11-year-old son George, played adorably by Edouard Holdener, on him, things change drastically. Without any idea of when she’ll pick him up, he has to make a choice between his aspirations for fame and the high life, and the type of life he knows his son deserves. 

Hunky Dory is the type of feature you only really see in the festival atmosphere, the type that makes you analyze your way of thinking. This film causes the viewer to separate themselves from their own reality, and become engulfed in someone else’s. Director and Writer combo Michael Curtis Johnson explores a different lifestyle, one most of us are unaware of. His screenplay examines that threshold between living your dreams and living a realistic life. Sidney obviously hadn’t given up on his dreams, but having to care for George full time caused him to re-examine his lifestyle, and quickly. Many of us struggle with that balance between a hobby, and a career. It’s perfectly healthy to have a hobby, but when one tries to make a career out of it, they have to be sure it doesn’t cause havoc for their loved ones. The screenplay also touches the idea of homosexuality, or more accurately, bisexuality, as Sidney has lovers and friends of both genders, all of which are good, loving people. I note this because of the ongoing bigotry that America faces, and this film highlights the fact that a man who lives such an unorthodox lifestyle, much of which is chaotic, can still be a loving father and a good person. 

All politcal themes aside, Hunky Dory is a tremendously enjoyable feature, one of which has had success getting into big festivals, first with Slamdance Film Festival, and now screening at Omaha Film Festival, surely with more to come. A film such as this would find success difficult in a wide theatrical release, but with it’s hilarious comedy, pure and genuine father son story, and overall good feeling, this film could be an award winning type film.  

You can catch Hunky Dory at Omaha Film Festival March 9th, 2016 at 8:45 pm, and can view Omaha Film Festival’s full 2016 schedule here:

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