Omaha Film Festival Review: God Knows Where I Am

Omaha Film Festival Review: God Knows Where I Am

The story of Linda Bishop, eerily depicted with immeasurable importance in God Knows Where I am, is a compelling and suspenseful watch where the viewer examines mental illness with a microscope, and the hopes are you come out with more understanding and compassion for those suffering.

This Documentary feature is stunningly impactful, and took me by surprise at how beautifully done it is. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of documentaries, as I generally come away feeling like the cinematography and filmmaking quality is lacking, and the storyline isn’t complex or deep enough to warrant a feature length. God Knows Where I Am has changed that view, or at least become the exception to that rule. This documentary is 97 minutes of pure artistry, elegance, and substance. It tells the story of Linda Bishop: A loving, caring, beautiful individual struggling with a disturbing disease. Her ghostly story of survival, captured largely by her adroit writings she kept daily leading the her eventual demise. The viewer feels like we’re listening to Linda, slowly become less and less rational and put together, as we hear a woman, Lori Singer, who artfully reads her writings, an aspect to the film I believe to be invaluable. Poignant interviews with Bishop’s loved ones, most notably her daughter Caitlin and sister Joan, who we gather did anything and everything in her power to help her sister, to no avail. These accounts add a tremendous amount of pleasure to the viewer, as the allow a pure connection between the woman and the audience.

The quality of this film making is something I must continue to acknowledge. God Knows Where I Am features some of the best cinematography I’ve seen, and by far the best I’ve seen within a Documentary to date. The film opens to the most stunning picture, and continues throughout the feature with devastatingly gorgeous shot after shot, all while keeping the suspenseful theme alive and not taking anything away from the heartbreak of Linda’s story. Directors Jedd Wider and Todd Wider masterfully accomplish a beautiful flow to this doc, accomplishing a balance between the narration and the input from family and friends. I found myself encapsulated in this story, knowing the inevitable ending but still clinging to any hope that Linda comes around.

God Knows Where I Am forces the viewer to come away from this film with a better understanding of how destructive mental illness can be, and I’m sure the filmmakers would love for Linda’s story to contribute to saving multiple lives from the same destiny. You’ll leave a screening of this film feeling like you knew Linda, and her loss will make a true impact on you and how you view the world.

You can catch God Knows Where I Am at Omaha Film Fesitval this year, it is screening March 9th, 2016 at 6:45 pm. Be sure to check out Omaha Film Festival’s complete 2016 lineup here:

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  • Carole Landoll

    So looking forward to viewing this film.

    • mm
      Off To The Films

      I’m sure you will absolutely Love it!

  • dwila hahn

    Or, this is a film about how destructive the ways we treat alleged mental illness are.

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