Omaha Film Fest Review: Man Vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale Of Nibbler

Omaha Film Fest Review: Man Vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale Of Nibbler

Man Vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler, dives deep into an intense world of classic gaming, and what it means to hold the world record.

What is Nibbler? That is the question that Tim McVey(no, not that one), say he hates receiving. Maybe it’s because of the pure number of times he’s been asked that, or maybe it is because of what Nibbler has meant to Tim. You see, Mr. McVey was not only the Nibbler Champion, but the first person to gain one billion points on any game with one single quarter. As Man Vs. Snake explores, this would change Tim’s, along with many others’ lives forever. This documentary tells the story of how Tim gained this title, and the amount of attention he received because of it. The man even had a day named after him, and has since gone into the Video Game Hall of Fame. Of course, he also won a free Nibbler Machine by the games creators, Rock-Ola, so he would be able to continue working on his craft.  Although McVey was the first, his billion point mark had been surpasses a good amount of times now, and Man Vs. Snake follows his journey to regain his title.

The film is a silly topic, at least most of us would claim that, and while it is a fun watch to see grown men battle it out for best score on an arcade game, this is real life for these men. Tim and his counter-parts have a true desire to be the best, and you can see it with their intensity. They trash talk each other, and some generally loath each other. Directors Tim Kinzy and Andrew Seklir do an excellent job of highlighting this intensity, while also ensuring they are capturing the true essence of the documentary, Tim’s battle to become the best again. It’s almost done in a rocky type of way, where at one point in the film McVey, a big man, jumps on a bike and sets off at full speed. He talks about how he needs to get into shape to be the best, due to the fact that he’d need to be standing for tens of hours at a time.

Whether we see this as a silly topic, or you’re a gamer and understand how serious this actually is, one thing is for sure: The Filmmakers have done an excellent job at exploring this world. We leave Man Vs. Snake with a better understanding of a certain culture, while having fun in the process. Take some time to give this film a chance, catch it at Omaha Film Festival on March 12th at 1:15 pm.

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