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There’s nothing better than a genuine true success story. A story where someone comes from nothing, rises to what they believe to be the top, and realizes they still have far to go. This is something that is lacking from many of our most successful people in the world. Success, to them, is having the money and power, and thus even when they have this, all they want is more.

Success is relative to the individual. For me, completely a 30 minute workout is a triumphant success, but to a body builder, a 30 minute workout is a giant failure. Mully, directed by Scott Haze, is a rags to riches to greatness story. This true story is delightfully put together by the editing team on this film, and follows Charles Mully in his creation of the Mully Children Family(MCF). The film does a wonderful job of displaying the humanity of it all, showing the viewer that Mully himself once was overcome with the power and money, and for a time wanted nothing more. I thoroughly enjoyed the path this film took to tell this story, not only giving us to highlights, but showing us moments and giving us commentary that would depict the Mully family in a very down to earth light.

Haze could have easily decided to direct this film in such a way that we believed Mully was the second coming of Christ; he chose not to, instead enlightening us to both the internal and external struggles that Mully and the MCF faced, we realize just how special this story is. Not only did Mully have to overcome all obstacles that life threw at him, which by themselves are enough to kill many of us, but he had to overcome himself, and what he turned into once he tasted what he believed to be success.

Many of us, when shown the state of some children in this world, like to use the expression “I wish I could just take them home with me.” Well, Charles Mully did that. He sacrificed everything; money, power, respect, comfort. He sacrificed and continues to sacrifice these things for the greater good of hundreds of impoverished children. This Documentary was excellently done, but with a true story as incredible as this, all you have to do is let it be told.

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