Miss You Already

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Miss You Already

Sympathy is a delicate thing; we’re all socialized to know what moments in life we should feel sad for one another. When someone you know, more so someone you love, gets diagnosed with Cancer, you’re supposed to feel bad. This is a tragic, life changing moment not only for the person getting diagnosed, but everyone in their lives. Miss You Already is a film that depicts how this diagnosed effects loved ones directly, while also being very blunt about sympathy’s limits.

In Miss You Already, Morwenna Banks writes a touching screenplay the pulls at your emotions, but left me with a bitter taste by the end. We follow the lives of Milly(Toni Collette) and Jess(Drew Barrymore), lifelong friends who’s relationship is challenged in more than one way when Milly is diagnosed with Cancer. Director, Catherine Hardwick, does well getting the most our of the actors, however I couldn’t help feeling like I was in just another Barrymore film. The supporting cast adds a comedic element to the film, but only slightly, and not enough to warrant this being billed as a comedy in any way.

Miss You Already is a genuinely despairing film, attempting to connected you to the outcome of the story as if it were your own wife or best friend. I was rooting for Milly through most of the film. I was emotionally invested in her health. Events then unfold and I found myself unconcerned with the outcome. While it would still be sad if she passed, it didn’t feel like as much of a loss to me. Sympathy is a delicate thing, and each one of us has our own line where we stop feeling bad for someone else, and not longer feel invested in their well being. Miss You Already is a fine attempt at a heart-breaking story; It simply didn’t break my heart.

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