Keep In Touch

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Keep In Touch

How does one achieve redemption? Redemption is a special achievement many people chase, often times subconsciously, and few people ever attain. Redemption, in the context this film uses it in, cannot be bought or borrowed, it must be earned. Keep in Touch is a film about redemption, love, and courage; depicting a mans struggle to build a life after losing what many would consider the perfect life.

The narrative follows Colin Glennon(Ryan Patrick Bachand), who is starting from scratch in life and decides to lookup an old teenage crush Annie, not knowing that would lead him to her younger sister, Jessie(Gabbi McPhee). Through the entirety of the script we see everything through Glennon’s perspective. At one point I wasn’t sure if he was a stalker, or just the most romantic guy I’ve ever seen, either way the audience is rooting for him. In a completely non-traditional way, we see Glennon fall in love, and battle through life to redeem himself, to earn his freedom from the life he used to have, but never wanted. The unbelievable artistry of this impeccable screenplay, written by Sam Kretchmar and Michael Covino, makes Keep In Touch one of the most inspiring films I’ve seen. To build on that, this film is pure and genuine to the core. Ryan Patrick Bachand’s performance was nothing short of special, and to think he had given up on acting, and filmed this movie while he was in nursing school, makes on appreciate the performance he provided. Gabbi McPhee plays the gorgeous love interest, and does it well, bringing an interesting dynamic into the equation. We also see hilarious supporting roles by Michael Covino as Colin’s cousin, Brad, and two painfully funny NYPD Officers, played by Adam David Thompson and Frank Harts, respectively.

I’ve been thinking about this film a lot in the last week since I’ve seen it, likely too much. I’ve been trying to find something wrong with it, some plot holes, acting weaknesses, even cinematography issues, and I keep coming up short. Keep in Touch is truly a redemption story like no other, a love story like no other, and even with all of that it manages to have you laughing throughout. Keep in Touch allowed me to watch a man find himself, find love, and find happiness, all without providing me with false hope of a world that didn’t exist. This film is perfect.

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