Jack’s Apocalypse

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Jack’s Apocalypse

It’s not often we can look at our lives, and who we’ve become, objectively. It’s in our nature to find reasons, excuses rather, for the things we do and say. No one wants to believe in the flaws that we all posses, but they’re certainly there. What does it take for us to change? Jack’s Apocalypse attempts to show us what it would take, but this film is a redemption story without much redemption.

The narrative follows Jack Coleman(David Maldonado) leading a group of friends and family through an apparent apocalypse. The screenplay, written collectively by Jonathan Ray Case, John Michael Measells, Brad Montesi, and Will James Moore, gives us intriguing moments but overall leaves us lost and confused throughout the film. We’re left without any grasp as to how much time is passing, which makes it difficult to understand the impact some of the films biggest moments are intended to make.

The acting is sufficient and doesn’t distract you from the story line, however there is a sever emptiness when it comes to character development. We are allowed only a slight glimpse as to who these characters are, which makes it difficult to feel touched by Jack’s redemption, when we weren’t allowed to hate who he was before loving who he became. The plot of this film relies so heavily on the viewer being disgusted with Jack, loathing his existance, yet I found myself indifferent to him.

Jack’s Apocalypse feels rushed at best, and with this film reaching only 80 minutes, I would have loved to see what could have been done if a bit more time was dedicated to the character developement. I wanted to hate Jack’s character, and I wanted to love him by the end, there simply wasn’t enough in the story line to cause me to feel either way, which ultimately causes this film to come up drastically short. A valid attempt, simply poorly executed.

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