It Had To Be You

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It Had To Be You

Love and commitment are two very different things. One can be fully in love, but afraid to commit to something. I thoroughly love pizza, but could never commit to eating it each and every day of my life. Although pizza and humans not equal, the point is that commitment, especially in marriage, is a very intimidating thing. In It Had to be You, we see an all too familiar perspective on the trials one may face if they are in love, but not in love with marriage.

The story follows the relationship between Sonia (Cristina Milioti) and Chris(Dan Soder), who’s idea of happiness couldn’t be father apart; as Chris wants to get married, and Sonia does not. Writer Sasha Gordon gives us a quirky, yet disappointing screenplay. The writing truly has nothing original or unique about it, and unfortunately I never found myself invested in this relationship. The story plays out in a ping pong type of way, and the indecision between the parties involved in the relationship is almost maddening. I thought to myself at one point in the film: “Oh man, I’m glad those two aren’t my friends”. The acting is solid throughout the film, as the cast played the characters as well as they could, given the lack of substance in the screenplay.

It Had to be You falls short in general, and in fact it would have been a much better film if it was a short, as around 60% of this film was unnecessary and added little to nothing to the story line. This film isn’t un-watchable, and has both funny and sweet moments built in. If you are looking for a genuine love story, this movie will underwhelm you, so I’d say take a pass. I never wanted to get up and leave throughout the film, it help my attention enough for that to not be the case, but I also wouldn’t care to see it again, and that’s disappointing.

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