Film Review: Steve Jobs

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Film Review: Steve Jobs

Steve jobs, the film, eloquently depicts the impeccable balance of treachery, narcissism, and brilliance that was, the man.

In order to perfect a film about an industry giant, it must compose a few essential elements: Drama, Historical Value, and, most importantly, factually events and accurate depictions. As goes with any Hollywood film, there will be an element of artistic license inserted into the screenplay, however it is often a struggle to find the right balance between truth, and entertainment. With this film, we follow the life of the Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs(Michael Fassbender), and the introduction and subsequent events of the iMac. While seemingly insignificant at the time, this product release proves to be an instrumental moment in the growth of Apple and as a result, the tech industry as a whole. The successes and failures of Jobs really allow him to evolve as a person, while always maintaining this gritty, asshole-ish aspect of his personality, which undoubtedly contributed to his rise to prominence. 

Steve Jobs allows us an authentic look into the life of the man so many admire, and many aspire to be. An innovative and inventive personality, Jobs was also intensely unlikeable. Jobs’ life has been adapted into a screenplay a few times since his death, however never so genuinely perfect as in this version. Aaron Sorkin once again proves his excellence, with a screenplay worth of an Oscar, much like his work with “Social Network” and “Moneyball”. His ability to create tension and drama, while also being fair and balanced to the characters as a whole, is quite simply amazing. Performances by Fassbender as Jobs and Kate Winslet, who played Jobs’ Marketing right hand gal, Joanna Hoffman, show such chemistry and allow the viewer to be captivated by their relationship. In addition to that, supporting performances by Jeff Daniels as Apple CEO John Scully and Seth Rogan(who really makes you adore Steve Wozniak with his performance), truly round out this talented cast, who are deserving of as much credit as Sorkin himself.

Director Danny Boyle really brings it to you with this narrative, which is unsurprising based on his success with features such as “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Trainspotting”. This movie by far surpasses the quality of any previous Steve Jobs film, and stands alone as an excellent and intriguing drama, even if the man himself had never existed. This movie will be interpreted by many people, mainly Jobs’ dedicated fans, as a way of bringing the man down, or belittling the man and his accomplishes in the tech field, however I feel there is a delicate balance that Boyle and Sorkin take with this screenplay, and while they certainly paint Jobs in an unfriendly light, they also give you a look at his intellect and brilliance as well. 

One of the first reactions people have when alerted to the existence of this movie, is: Oh no, not another. However, this is not another Steve Jobs film, this is the only Jobs film. Excellence from start to finish, this is the only movie that has ever given the history and story of Apple’s growth into a Giant tech company, and the importance of the man himself, the accurate level of attention and affection. If you’re a fan of the man, the machine, or films as a whole, this is a must see. I wish this narrative the best of luck in the Oscars, later this month, where I hope to see some acknowledgment of it’s quality.

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