Film Review: Now You See Me 2

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Film Review: Now You See Me 2

With its familiar tricks, and even more familiar predictability, Now You See Me 2 rides the magic carpet of mediocrity all the way to the box office, with marginal fun along the way.

The four horsemen have returned! Well, most of them anyway, substitute the far more desired Isla Fisher with the less impressive Lizzy Caplan, and you’ve got yourself a poor man’s four horseman. That’s not to say that the crew of Now You See Me was awe-inspiring, but they did a damn good job of entertaining. Now You See Me 2 picks up where its predecessor left off, with Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) plotting his revenge on Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) and his gang of magicians. This feud is fueled with flashbacks of Rhodes’ childhood, where he lost his father to a daring magic trick.  Screenplay writer Ed Solomon intertwines this personal rivalry with struggles happening internally between the horseman, as J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), strives for more power and control within the organization. Eisenberg isn’t all that impressive in selling this power hunger, as he comes across more like a whiny member of a team complaining that his boss doesn’t believe in him. I would have preferred a much more diabolical character, evolving from the opinionated yet obedient member into a master of tricks that rivals Rhodes himself.

Now You See Me 2 has a thin plot that hinges on the first film, specifically in regards to Michael Caine’s character Arthur Tressler, who the crew stole millions of dollars for. Well, in the sequel, it’s Tressler, along with his bitchy son Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliff), who aim to get back at the horsemen for the embarrassment and financial loss they have cost the family. The horsemen are now faced with the dilema between helping Tressler and Mabry get what they want, and keeping their lives (maybe), or continued to follow their moral compass that has gotten them this far. I won’t spoil the plot for you, as if it isn’t already entierly predictable, however I will say the tricks in this sequel are certainly as entertaining as the first. I’m a sucker for magic, especially when I get to find out how the trick was done, so this element of the film is truly what brings it from simply “watchable” to entertaining, for me.

Now You See Me 2 concludes disgustingly predictable, but still respectable enough. If it hadn’t already been disclosed, I wouldn’t have any clue whether or not we will see a third installment of this franchise. I will say, however, that we certainly don’t need a third film, and we didn’t need the second film either. You’ll probably have a good enough time with this film to warrant buying a ticket, but it won’t be an enthralling experience.

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