Film Review: Green Room

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Film Review: Green Room

“Nazi punks fuck off” is the first song that the punk rock band, The Ain’t Rights, play in Green Room when they wind up doing a gig in the backwoods of Oregon. If only that had been their mantra and they had left instead of staying and playing a full set, the night might have turned out better for them.

The set-up works well. While it’s quick, it manages to establish them as real human beings that we can care about. The band agrees to play a gig in a white supremacist bar, full of “boots and braces.” They don’t really want to, but they need the $350 to get home. The college student who sets it up for them tells them that as long as they don’t talk about politics, it should be okay for them. They’ll play, get paid, and be able to go home. Could be worse, right? It gets worse.

The accidentally find a murdered girl, stabbed to death, and get trapped in the green room with the dead girl’s friend and a skinhead who seems to have nothing against taking them out to save the club and the club’s owner, Darcy, played by Patrick Stewart. The girl tries to convince them that they’re going to die, but the band keeps trying to believe the best, hoping they can survive, swearing that they can’t kill anyone.

Be ready for serious blood and gore. Throat cutting, arm hacking, dog ravaging gore. Yet while it might make you suck your breath in through your teeth, you’ll agree that it’s all possible, and it’s all likely, and it’s all, even…dare I say it, appropriate for the film. As someone who is not normally all about the gore, in this case, I can’t fault it. It belonged there. It added to the movie.

Perhaps because it wasn’t constant – there were plenty moments of calm in the storm, and that helped to heighten the tension and convince the audience that this was real. There was no massive onslaught, just a series of events that got worse and worse as the body count rose.

The majority of the movie takes place in a very limited space: the “green room” where the band

preps for their show. While there are other scenes, they are very vague. But that’s okay. If anything, it helps to add to the realness of the set. The green room and the building the action takes place in is trashed but clean. It has plenty of graffiti and band stickers and plenty of white supremacist tags everywhere, but overall, it’s not too bad. It’s real. It’s there. And that sense of realness adds to the horror that you feel when the band members get stuck in it.

This movie gets it right with cell phones. Instead of using a sorry excuse of the phones not getting a signal, the bad guys are smart enough to destroy the phones as soon as possible, taking them out of the picture in a way that rings of truth. No way to call for help. No way to try to get a signal. Nothing.

Part of the fun of Green Room is watching people devolve. The Ain’t Rights originally swear they can’t hurt others, and they do everything they can to get the evening to end well. Soon enough, they learn that isn’t an option; they have to go beyond their initial feelings and rise to the challenge or die. Their fear flavors the movie, and it tastes good. Go see this movie on a night when you don’t want to sleep – you won’t regret it.

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