Film Review: Deadpool

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Film Review: Deadpool

Deadpool surprises with vulgar yet hilarious comedy, but doesn’t forget the action.

Okay, so I have to preface this review with a few confessions, for the sake of transparency and credibility. Number one: I’m not a comic book fan, never have been. Growing up I was more interested in learning about the wars of the worlds, pretending I was as ingratiating as Travolta in Grease with the ladies, and playing baseball to ever have time to sit and read a comic book. This isn’t to say I wouldn’t enjoy them, I’ve simply never indulged in the hobby. I do, however, watch the comic book movies. I’ve never seen a Marvel or DC movie that impressed me. I’ve never even seen a comic book movie that I wanted to see twice. At the most simplistic level, they just do not capture my attention.

Number two: Prior to the Deadpool screening, I couldn’t care less for the character. I was vaguely aware of his existence, but the thought of yet another Marvel character having his own movie franchise causes my eyes to roll uncontrollably. You see, to me, these franchises are just cash grabs. They plots are simplistic and predictable, the characters are no deeper than a kiddy pool, and frankly the action is disgustingly stodgy.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can go on telling you the Deadpool was unequivocally the best comic book movie I have ever seen, and I would love to see it again, and again, and again. This film brings to the table start to finish comedy, blood and guts filled action, and enough of a plot line(although admittedly not strong) to really garner your attention.

Deadpool is Marvels first rated R film since Watchmen(2009), and is an origin story about the character himself. Wade Wilson(Ryan Reynolds) is a hard-ass mercenary with a mouth(their words, not mine) struck with incurable cancer and takes a leap of faith with a shady organization in the hopes of having more time to spend with the love of his life Vanessa(Morena Baccarin). While being subjected to horrendous torture in attempts to mutate his genetics he learns he’s being formed into an eventual War Slave, not a superhero as he once believed. The thin, yet sufficient, plot then continues as his beloved Vanessa is captured by the evil organization and it is up to him to save her.

I know, this all sounds like your same old mundane super hero flick, however, throw in the mix raunchy humor and R rated action, with heads being blown off, bodies being dismembered, and a lot of blood. These dynamics really morph the movie for me, and really allowed me to finally find a comic book film that I could thoroughly enjoy. Director Tim Miller, in his directorial debut, no less, was able to really separate Deadpool from other Marvel characters. Another enjoyable feature of the film was the fact that we were not forced to see that same dumb expression that Reynolds seems to have in all of his films, as he wears a mask for the majority of the movie.

If you’re a comic book fan boy, you’ll love this film. If you’re a fan of good action or high quality comedy, you’ll love this film. If you’re a mom of a child who loves this film, you’ll hate this film. Deadpool is an strikingly satisfying movie, and it pains me to admit that it will have little to no impact on how Marvel makes it’s films from here on out. If Marvel wasn’t own by Disney, my tune would change, but Disney is in no way going to change the way it’s characters are, and we will continue to be fed boring old comic book movies.

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