Film Review: Adventures In Babysitting

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Film Review: Adventures In Babysitting

Disney’s original movie Adventures in Babysitting takes us on an adventure through the big city as Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola (Sofia Carson), rival babysitters, set aside their differences and team up track down the kids who have somehow snuck away.

This film is based on the 1987 film Adventures in Babysitting, directed by Chris Columbus (not that one), and like all of Disney’s original movies, it is packed with laughs and family fun. In addition to that, we have the pleasure of seeing Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson, who we’ve grown to love in Disney’s Girl Meets World and Decedents, respectively.

John Schultz, who’s also done some other really fun and family friendly films, such as Like Mike (2002), and Aliens in the Attic (2009), directs this delightful film. He’s helped by screenwriter Tiffany Paulsen, who’s work on the teen detective film adapted from the books Nancy Drew brings established writing to the film, which proves the film to be an enjoyable watch.

Adventures in Babysitting will be an enthralling watch for you, especially if you have kids to share the joy of this film with. Like many others, I grew up with Disney’s original movies, give your kids the same pleasure I had, and pick up this film today! You can grab the DVD today, June 28th, using the link below:

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We’ve included some clips of Adventures of Babysitting, with official music video, for your viewing pleasure:

Official Trailer:

Babysitters’ Rap Battle:

Wildside Official Music Video:

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