Dallas International Film Festival Review: Occupy Texas

Dallas International Film Festival Review: Occupy Texas

The setting begins in New York and ends in Texas. The two worlds could not be any further apart, both in physical distance AND in their overall state of mind. While I certainly do not discourage the New York State of mind (I happen to be a big Billy Joel fan), I AM, in actuality, a native Texan and WE, too, have something special to offer, which is also unique.

If I may take things even further, this is a Dallas film and it is the real deal, too. Somebody made the execution worth the time and effort, so I must commend Jeff Barry (the director), Gene Gallerano (the writer) and everyone else who contributed to this movie. Gallerano (“Michael Comes Home”), a native of Dallas, stars as Beau Baker, a young man who must return home to a broken family, consisting of two sisters (Claire and Arden), played by Lorelei Linkater (“Boyhood”) and Catherine Elvir, with the unenviable task of keeping the family patched up, amid all of the turmoil.

Also rounding out the cast are: Janine Turner (of “Northern Exposure” fame), Peri Gilpin (of “Frasier” fame) and Nikki Moore (“Kiss the Abyss”). Needless to say, this a star-studded cast of ladies and they all made the most of what they were given in this film. Aside from a few over-acted lines, the movie maintained a nice, careful fluidity. I noticed a few shoddily edited cuts, as well, but once again, it did not take away much from the overall movie.

What REALLY made “Occupy Texas” work was the unassuming delivery of Gene Gallerano. It is because we believe HE, as Beau Baker, that everything else is believable. There were some good moments for the music in the film, as well. Although nothing really stood out, singularly, it was all utilized effectively and elevated the movie from a well-made indie film to a slightly unkempt mainstream movie. Hopefully, THIS movie will draw more attention as an adequate family film. It might not look like it, but it IS a family film. A very good one, at that.

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