Film Review: The Jungle Book

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Film Review: The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book once again brings to life, in astonishingly realistic animation, the story which has captivated us all throughout our childhood.

I, like many of you, grew up on all of the Disney classic films. We’re talking Dumbo, Snow White, Beauty and the Best, and of course Bambi. Even with those genuinely loveable films, I always felt ┬áThe Jungle Book was the one I enjoyed the most. When I heard a live action film was in the works, I initially had mixed feelings. On one hand, we’ve got a chance for absolute greatness, on the other, a chance to potentially sour my view on the film and the story. I’m pleasantly surprised to say that this film not only maintained the story’s value in my heart, but heightened its relevance in my current live.

Jon Favreau as director, ┬ácombined with an all star cast that consisted of names like Ben Kingsley, Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, and Christopher Walken, bring each and every character an authentic personality for us to enjoy. With these characters being family favorites, the casting played as much a part in preserving the integrity of the story as anything else could. In addition to that, we’re introduced to Neel Sethi, who played the always adorable Mowgli.

What truly separates this film from the original, and what absolutely allows this film legitimacy is the execution. Stunning execution form all aspects, the acting, directing, writing, and most notably the special effects and animation teams. The Jungle Book is simply beautiful to watch. The quality of the CGI brings the characters to life, and the storyline makes you laugh, and cry.

All and all, you’ll be pleased to know that The Jungle Book won’t ruin the story in your eyes, it will actually allow future generations to fall in love with the same story, with simply better quality filmmaking.

You can pick up your copy of The Jungle Book at major retailers, and Amazon! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to continue a family favorite, and ensure its passed on for continued generations.

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