Baby, Baby, Baby

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Baby, Baby, Baby

Someone once said: “Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby: awkwardly, and often with a great deal of mess.” If you’ve ever loved someone, I mean truly been in love, you can understand and appreciate the experience Baby, Baby, Baby is attempting to provide in this film. We can’t control what love does to us, as if you’re truly in love, you’re truly out of control. Baby, Baby, Baby encapsulates this, with a spectacular original screenplay by writer/director/actor Brian Klugman.

The narrative follows Sydney(Brian Klugman), a man fresh out of a grueling breakup, looking for anything than to put himself in that situation again. That is until he meets Sonny(Adrianne Palicki). The two go out for a drink and, as you can imagine, things get out of control. I can’t say enough about how unique the writing style is in this film. This film is unequivocally funny, irresistibly heartwarming, and includes these incredible mini-shorts throughout the film that better express the emotions and state of the relationship the protagonist is experiencing. Throughout this film, you find yourself loving both sides of the relationship, and understanding where each is coming from in their troubles, while hoping it will all work out. Splendid acting in the supporting roles played by Michaela Conlin, Kelsey Grammer, and James Roday do an impeccable job at bringing out the characters within the screenplay.

This film gives you the very real side to love. It throws in your face the truth that we can’t control love in any way, rather that love controls us. Although it is rare for me to say this, I loved almost everything about this film. The intellectual writing is something rarely seen, and this film had little, if any, predictability to it. It is worth noting that the last 15 seconds of the film come close to undermining it’s whole premise, although that depends on interpretation. All things considered, Brian Klugman truly does it all in this film, and in doing so gives us the best love story we’ve seen in years.

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